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Harnessing the Power of DoD365: Building a Comprehensive Data Science Platform with IL5 Services


In the ever-evolving landscape of defense technology, the Department of Defense (DoD) is making significant strides in data science. Central to this transformation is DoD365, which, when combined with IL5 services, offers a comprehensive Data Science Platform (DSP). This integration not only streamlines operations but also brings in capabilities like Microsoft R, ensuring a holistic approach to data science within the DoD.

DoD365: The Foundation of Defense Data Science

DoD365, meticulously crafted for the U.S. Department of Defense, is more than just a suite of tools; it's the future of defense data science. At its core, DoD365 is engineered to bolster collaboration, supercharge productivity, and streamline data management across various defense sectors.

One of the standout features of DoD365 is its native integration with PowerBI. This integration allows defense personnel to visualize, analyze, and share insights from their data in real-time, ensuring that decision-makers have the most up-to-date information at their fingertips. Furthermore, the seamless connection with Excel means that data manipulation, analysis, and reporting become more intuitive and efficient.

But the capabilities of DoD365 don't stop there. With the ability to leverage notebooks on AzureML, users can dive deeper into advanced data science tasks. Whether it's building machine learning models, running complex simulations, or analyzing vast datasets, AzureML's integration ensures that these tasks are executed smoothly within the DoD365 environment.

Perhaps the most significant advantage of this integrated platform is the elimination of the need for non-native external architectures. Everything the DoD requires for its data science endeavors is housed within a single, unified ecosystem. This not only simplifies the workflow but also ensures that all tools and processes are fully accredited, adhering to the stringent security and compliance standards set by the Department of Defense.

In essence, DoD365 is not just a tool; it's a comprehensive data science ecosystem, ready to meet the challenges of modern defense operations.

Core Features:

Native SBU Design: Our DSP is built from the ground up to operate within SBU environments, ensuring data security and compliance without compromising on functionality.

Seamless Integration with PoRs: Through Azure API, our platform offers out-of-the-box integration with CPCE, Firestorm, EWPMT, and other mission-critical systems, ensuring a unified data ecosystem.

User-Friendly Interface for G3s: Recognizing the pivotal role of G3s in operations, our DSP offers an intuitive user interface, streamlined workflows, and comprehensive training materials to ensure rapid onboarding and ease of use.

Comprehensive Analytic Suite:

  • PowerBI: Advanced data visualization and reporting tools to transform raw data into actionable insights.

  • Excel: Enhanced data processing capabilities, including custom macros, pivot tables, and advanced analytics functions.

  • VSCode: Integrated development environment tailored for advanced data science tasks, supporting multiple languages and frameworks.

  • Microsoft R Open 3.2.2 for Revolution R Enterprise 8.0.1: Microsoft R Open is a free, complete open source platform for statistical analysis and data science. It includes the open source distribution of R 3.2.2 as well as some enhanced R features, and supports a variety of big data statistics, predictive modeling, and machine learning capabilities.


  • Unified Data Ecosystem: By integrating with key PoRs, our DSP ensures that data flows seamlessly across systems, eliminating data silos and ensuring a single source of truth. Establish an open and data-centric hub that helps data engineers connect and curate data from different sources—eliminating sprawl and creating custom views for everyone.

  • Scalability: Built on Azure, our platform is designed to scale, ensuring that as your data needs grow, our platform can handle it without missing a beat. Innovate faster by helping every person in your organization act on insights from within Microsoft 365 apps, such as Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Teams.

  • Rapid Deployment: Our turnkey solution ensures that you can get up and running quickly, with minimal setup time. Accelerate analysis by developing AI models on a single foundation without data movement—reducing the time data scientists need to deliver value.

  • Training & Support: We offer comprehensive training for all user levels, ensuring that your team can make the most of our platform. Additionally, our support team is available 24/7 to assist with any issues or queries.

All your data and teams, all in one place.

IL5 Services: Elevating Security and Compliance:

Impact Level 5, commonly referred to as IL5, is not just a security protocol; it’s a testament to the Department of Defense’s commitment to safeguarding controlled unclassified information. Designed meticulously to handle sensitive but unclassified data, IL5 ensures that every piece of information remains impenetrable while undergoing processing.

Responsibly connect people and data using an open and scalable solution that gives data stewards additional control with built-in security, governance, and compliance. One of the standout features of IL5 services is the ability to federate and share data seamlessly between IL5 and IL6 environments. This bi-directional data sharing capability ensures that information can flow securely between these two levels, allowing for greater flexibility and collaboration without compromising on security.

At the heart of this capability is a data-centric paradigm. Instead of focusing solely on perimeter defense, the emphasis is on safeguarding the data itself. This approach ensures that even if the data moves across different environments, its integrity and security remain uncompromised.

Furthermore, to cater to specific high-security needs, IL5 services come with a mirrored capability on IL6. This means that the same tools, applications, and functionalities available in the IL5 environment are replicated in IL6, ensuring that users have consistent access to resources, irrespective of the impact level they are operating.

In conclusion, by leveraging IL5 services, the DoD not only ensures that its Data Science Platform is fortified against threats but also paves the way for a more collaborative and integrated data management approach, all while adhering to the highest standards of security and compliance.

Building a Base DSP with DoD365 and IL5:

The integration of DoD365 with IL5 services results in a robust DSP that offers:

  • Advanced Analytics with Microsoft R: With the inclusion of Microsoft R, the platform can perform sophisticated statistical analyses, predictive modeling, and data visualization, turning raw data into actionable insights.

  • Seamless Integration: The DSP is fully integrated, ensuring that data flows smoothly across various tools and platforms, from Power BI to Azure.

  • Scalability: Whether dealing with small datasets or vast amounts of information, the DSP can scale accordingly, ensuring that the DoD's data needs are always met.

  • AI and ML Capabilities: With tools like Azure Machine Learning, the platform can harness the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning, leading to better decision-making and predictive capabilities.


The fusion of DoD365 with IL5 services to create a base DSP is a testament to the DoD's commitment to harnessing the power of data science. This integrated platform, with capabilities like Microsoft R, ensures that the Department of Defense remains at the forefront of technological innovation, ready to tackle the challenges of tomorrow with data-driven solutions.

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