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Soldiers with Guns


Science for lethality and survivability

From core to cosmos.

Harnessing expertise in autonomy, ship design, hypersonics, and multi-domain solutions, Algoptimal is shaping the future fleet from Core to Cosmos. We specialize in integrated solutions that span the entire spectrum of battle, ensuring dominance in every domain. Our approach in enabling defense customers to achieve global mission success is rooted in our innovative capabilities and strategic vision. Discover more about how we facilitate unmatched prowess across land, sea, air, space, and cyberspace.



At Algoptimal, we are actively developing solutions to address the significant cybersecurity challenges in modern vehicles, particularly focusing on the exploitation of the Electronic Control Unit (ECU) through the vehicle's wire harness. This form of cyber-physical exploitation leverages vulnerabilities in the Controller Area Network (CAN) protocol, allowing attackers to manipulate ECU communication and potentially disable critical vehicle functions. The interconnected nature of automotive systems, including infotainment systems, introduces further vulnerabilities due to their links to both internal vehicle functions and external networks. In response, the automotive industry is implementing robust cybersecurity measures, including secure ECU gateways, access controls, and strong cryptographic systems.

Military Humvee


Algoptimal's CEMA offering extends across the full spectrum of cyber missions, integrating advanced capabilities in Cyber, Electronic Warfare (EW), and Signals Intelligence (SIGINT). Our comprehensive approach includes hardware and software solutions, RF and EMS integration, alongside robust cyber operational and analysis expertise. This holistic suite of services ensures unmatched proficiency in cyber lifecycle management, from strategic network architecture to tactical, hands-on operational support and specialized training, fortifying our clients in the face of complex cyber challenges.


Algoptimal's mechatronics offering represents a groundbreaking leap in the integration of mechanical and electronic systems for automation and actuation. We delve into the synergy between physical and cyber systems, creating solutions that not only advance autonomy but also redefine the interaction between technology and machinery. Our approach encompasses the development of sophisticated software, precise control systems, and innovative mechanical designs, ensuring enhanced efficiency and functionality across diverse applications. 

C2 On The Move

Algoptimal's approach to Command and Control (C2) encompasses a dynamic, decentralized system, embracing the Mission Command concept. This strategy not only facilitates C2 on the move but also integrates inferential systems for analyzing second and third-order effects. This enables a deeper understanding of action consequences, enhancing decision-making processes. It's a comprehensive solution that provides commanders with the agility and foresight necessary for complex, fast-evolving operational environments.


Algoptimal develops and maintains advanced Live, Virtual, and Constructive (LVC) training systems, incorporating Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) and Digital Engineering. This approach enhances force protection for fixed, semi-fixed, and expeditionary sites. Our systems offer comprehensive information management and operational performance improvements, extending from detailed component-level simulations to complex scenario-based training environments. This holistic integration results in heightened operational efficiency and effectiveness.


The specialized position and navigation solution advancing GPS-denied localization.

What started as a technology demonstrator we are continuing to mature our fusion PNT solution that assures Position, Navigation, and Timing on one system through inertial, celestial, and consensus algorithmic means. 


Leverage our capabilities

Digital Modernization

Transformation of operations through advanced digital technologies.

Integrated Systems

Highlighting the integration of various systems for streamlined base and combat operations.

Field Support

Detailing the support services provided for on-the-ground operations

Mission Software

Showcasing tailored software for aviation-specific applications and operations.

Enabling Technology

Emergent and prototyped technologies that enable improvements in air travel and operations.


 Original Design Manufacturers and Original Equipment Manufacturer.

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