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AI/ML is transforming IT

Innovations like artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) present a vision of IT’s future where intelligent solutions can more effectively analyze and address evolving business needs. However, organizations eager to adopt AI and ML are up against significant challenges. The limits of current IT infrastructure can often require significant investments to enable new workloads. In addition, there are architectural, cultural, and process considerations associated with creating an agile AI/ ML environment. Proprietary solutions are complex and inflexible, making it increasingly difficult to perform life-cycle operations at scale on AI/ML applications.

With the help of Algoptimal, customers can take the first step toward automating and simplifying AI/ML life-cycle operations at scale. Algoptimal's subject matter experts partner with customers to optimize their AI/ML deployments using open source technology and standards, providing the freedom to move toward an open AI/ML solution and avoid vendor lock-in. By adopting the Red Hat AI/ML architecture, customers can scale deployments seamlessly and respond to changing business needs, reducing operational complexity and allowing room for innovation.

  • Flexibility. Freedom to move toward an open AI/ML solution and avoid vendor lock-in.

  • Innovation. Respond to changing business needs and reduce operational complexity by adopting the Red Hat AI/ ML architecture.

  • Massive scale. Scale your AI/ ML deployment seamlessly.


Technology, machines, and software that have the ability to be self-directed and learn from their actions are generally known as artificial intelligence. At Algoptimal we leverage advanced computing to develop such technology and apply it for use in varying business, political, and national security usecases.

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Data Sciences

Machine Learning


Get started with AI/ML architecture

Algoptimal helps customers quickly, iteratively, and strategically achieve value while building capabilities throughout the enterprise. During a Algoptimal engagement, teams receive training on the technology while learning and adopting the methods and skills needed to sustain success now and into the future.

Across the following stages, Algoptimal experts apply a set of products and services in a two-week engagement to help customers design, build, and scale an open AI/ML strategy that meets their unique business needs.

Discover and design

Phase I

  • Conduct a one-day series of architect-led workshops covering technical and business areas that are critical for project success.


Phase II

  • Demonstrate continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/ CD) pipelines for data processing and model training with source-to-image.

  • Demonstrate a non-production data science workflow on the Open Data Hub and OpenShift Container Platform.

  • Create a prototype ML pipeline as a collection of microservices.

  • Demonstrate automated, containerized application and learning pipeline deployment and promotion to internal stakeholders.


Phase III

  • Provide side-by-side mentoring throughout the engagement.

  • Deliver and review architectural and operational documentation.

Accelerate capabilities with Algoptimal

Training Maximize your technology investment and master skills with our lab-intensive, real-world training. Through open enrollment, virtual classrooms, or a Red Hat Learning Subscription, Red Hat Training provides a current approach and practical application of new skills and methods to make the most efficient and effective use of modern technologies.

The Algoptimal Services difference

Working directly with Algoptimal teams bring advanced skills to deliver solutions using cutting edge-stable technologies and open standards. With exclusive insight into upcoming features and product roadmaps, nobody is better positioned to align teams, streamline processes, and make enterprise systems and applications work together using open source and proprietary technologies.

  • Opensource: Algoptimal teams communicate directly with Red Hat support and product development organizations. Many of our consultants are also active contributors to the upstream open source communities behind Red Hat technologies, so they bring unparalleled expertise.

  • Diverse technical experience: Algoptimal maintains deep expertise with open source and proprietary systems and application platforms. Our comprehensive understanding of the technology market helps us provide clients with a complete view of their environment. Our guidance is based on a holistic understanding of building enterprise systems, not just our own products.

  • Mentor-based engagements: Algoptimal's approach gives clients the information and skills they need to move to Red Hat solutions in a safe and efficient manner. Red Hat believes that knowledge must be open and shared, just like source code.

  • Crucial, real-world training: Algoptimal Training develops role-based knowledge through hands-on training covering emerging and foundational open source technologies. It helps build real-world skills that support critical commoditization and transformation projects alike.

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