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The Technicompany®

related capability: data, operations, & analysis

The Necessity of Growing Business through
Applied Data Science and Advanced Technology

We believe that competitive advantage exists at the intersection of data science, technology, people, and deep business expertise. To unlock true power, AI must be woven into processes and ways of working and applied where it really matters - instantiating a the Technicompany.

Data plays the most important role in our modern world and new approaches to gathering, analyzing, and using data are transforming the way federal agencies fulfill their missions and serve the nation. This expansion in data use poses challenges for how agencies execute data-related activities as each agency faces a different set of infrastructure challenges, abides by different mission parameters, and maintains a unique culture. In this evolving environment, working with data and data management have become disciplines key to organizational success.


Once a science fiction idea, the fully technicompany is here. Leading companies in multiple industries are combining the strengths of humans and technology to create highly optimized—intelligent—capabilities. Here we explore what the technicompany looks like, how it operates, and how current companies can think about transforming themselves into hyper intelligent enterprises.



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What is a Technicompany®?

Technicompanies adapt to next-gen tech stacks, agile delivery, and value driven knowledge management for their strategies to be data driven to increase innovation and reduce time to market.

Drivers of a technicompany

Drivers of a technicompany

The drivers of a "technicompany" are the elements that drive the integration of data science, technology, people, and business expertise in order to drive competitive advantage. These drivers include:

  1. Data-driven decision making: A technicompany uses data to inform decision making and drive business strategy. This includes gathering and analyzing data to gain insights and make data-driven decisions that can improve performance and drive growth.

  2. Technology adoption: Technicompanies adopt next-generation technology stacks, such as modern tools and frameworks, that are designed to be more efficient and scalable. This allows them to handle large amounts of data and quickly develop and deploy new features.

  3. Agile delivery: Technicompanies use agile delivery methods, such as Scrum and Kanban, to work in a more collaborative and adaptive way. This helps to speed up the development process and improve the quality of the final product.

  4. People and culture: Technicompanies focus on fostering a culture of innovation, learning, and continuous improvement. This includes involving people in the implementation and execution of new technologies and encouraging collaboration and knowledge sharing.

  5. Business expertise: Technicompanies have a deep understanding of the industry and their specific goals and challenges. This expertise is used to effectively apply data science and technology to drive business success.

  6. Data Governance and security: Technicompanies have robust data management practices in place to ensure data is accurate, complete, and accessible to the right people at the right time. This includes implementing data governance, data quality, data security, and data access controls.

  7. Analytics and visualization: Technicompanies have the necessary data analytics and visualization tools, as well as personnel with the skills and expertise to use them. This enables them to effectively analyze data to gain insights that can inform decision-making and improve performance.

All these drivers work together to enable technicompanies to integrate data science, technology, people, and business expertise in order to drive competitive advantage and business success.

How we get you there

The Technicompany Leader

Consulting tailored to your organization’s requirements

Using an integrated approach, our open source experts can customize solutions to address your needs in key areas that begin you on your journey of transforming into a Technicompany.



Our consultants will work with you to evaluate and implement the solutions that work best to help you reduce costs, improve efficiency, and deliver quickly.



We share our extensive  knowledge directly with your teams to improve efficiency, boost productivity, and manage risk by helping to create governed, predictable automation workflows.



Our experts guide your teams to modernize and streamline your organization. Stay competitive and maximize your investment by delivering faster.



Our consultants help your teams gain comprehensive, practical experience with the open source tools, processes, and culture that work together to improve flexibility, increase efficiency, and foster innovation.

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